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Forthcomning events

Here are some of the things we're planning for the near future. Watch this space for more details!

Mini-Conference in Glasgow

Saturday 8th November
Unitarian Church
1-5 p.m.

Knowing the gods, meeting the ancestors:
  • The Cailleach - Potia
  • Meeting Glasgow Ancestors - Jenny Blain
  • Outsiders - how echoes of northern shamanism survived in Scotland - Malcolm Campbell
  • Malcolm is our guest speaker for this event. He is looking at hints of Scandanavian shamanic traditions which can be found in Scottish culture and folklore - from a personal experiential perspective. He says the theme of the talk will be about how those who are a bit "different" are always outsiders in Scotland.. and how these things survive in a militantly christian environment.. He adds, 'I'll talk about the Norsemen in Gaelic Scotland, and traditions and language I've personally come across.. second sight, frithing, words like warlock, argi, .. and what it means to someone trying to explore seidr in Scotland today.'

Mini-Conference in Sheffield

24th January 2009
Multi-Faith Centre, Sheffield Hallam University
time tba

Legends of Sheffield: tales of Robin Hood

You thought he was found in Nottingham? This event will explore how some of the tales of Robin Hood link to the local landscape of Sheffield, South Yorkshire and the Derbyshire Peaks. (And Nottingham too, of course.)

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