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Deity and Humanity: Conclusion

Copyright © by Arlie Stephens 2003

In this paper, I have described a heathen view of deities, human beings, and their interrelationship, providing a window into an alternative answer to common human experience. While heathenry is still small, it is my hope that our answers may be of use to others, who doubtless won't accept them in their entirety (which would imply conversion), but may adopt some of them, or even strengthen their own self understanding in arguing against our positions.

What I want to do next is tie in more areas, starting with concepts of authority. Heathens have a somewhat confused attitude to lore and experience, accepting our lore as informative but not entirely authoritative, yet often treating it as giving the final word, at least when we agree with it. As for experience, we have the beginnings of a consensus explanation of how to handle it, but don't seem to in fact follow these methods in practice. I'd also like to go a lot deeper into the area of "ecclesiology" (a term heathens would not use), which is presently the subject of much heated argument.

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